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    18 Puppies Who Are Up To No Good

    They may be cute, but they are trouble!

    1. Puppies, no matter how cute, cannot be trusted to behave.

    Stella / Cute or Not

    2. They are sneaky sneaks.

    3. Who try to charm us with their smiles.

    4. You can NEVER trust a sneaky puppy smile.

    Kona / Cute or Not


    Chance / Cute or Not

    6. Look at these two, caught in the act of plotting.

    Remy & Molly / Cute or Not

    7. And this fellow, with his best "I swear I didn't do it" face on.

    8. In fact, because of their natural cuteness, puppies can get away with A LOT.

    Gizmo / Cute or Not

    9. For example, don't be fooled, this puppy can't drive!

    10. And this puppy just "happened" to fall asleep surrounded by alcohol, which is decidedly NOT FOR PUPPIES.

    11. This puppy is trying to disguise how muddy he is by being the cutest. NICE TRY, PAL.

    12. Puppies are schemers and manipulators.

    13. With zero regard for how their actions affect others.

    14. SEE??!!??

    15. Look away for one second and their little teethies are hard at work.

    16. Or they've fallen asleep when they were supposed to be helping!

    17. It's all too clear that puppies are not to be trusted...

    18. But it doesn't really matter how much trouble they get into, because they're just so precious we can't help but love them anyway!