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18 Gentlemen Cats Who Have The Best Manners

Humans aren't the only ones who can be sophisticated.

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1. This fancy fellow in a matching hat and bow-tie.

2. This businessman ready for a day on the job.

3. This gentleman who doesn't let dressing for the weather make him any less stylish.

4. This sophisticated puffball.

5. This gentleman who prides himself on his good, firm handshake.

6. This pin-striped pal.

7. This chap who values the art of conversation.

8. This top-hatted picture of sophistication.

9. This classy man, waiting to hear your excuse for being late.

10. This festive, but professional fellow.

11. This gentleman who rides in ~style~.

12. This cat who ALWAYS remembers his manners.

13. And this sir who believes politeness is key.

14. This classy pal who likes to drink his milk ~on the rocks~.

15. This man who likes talking about his well-fitted tuxedo.

16. This gentleman who is really looking forward to skiing after his morning tea.

17. This sir with his art collection.

18. And this furball with a permanent tophat.

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