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17 Times Puppies Were The Cutest Little Troublemakers

They're so bad but they do it so wellll.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what kinds of mischief their puppies have gotten into, and the results were nothing short of adorable.

Creative Commons/ Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr: tambako

1. Budderball and The Panties

My parents were walking my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Budderball. They were exiting a mall, and they noticed people laughing and staring at my dog. My parents looked at Budderball , and he was holding women's underwear in his mouth.

Submitted by Budderball.

2. Cancelled Vacation

Me and my boyfriend were planning a trip to China. We left some important things for the last minute. I got my passport back from the Chinese consulate 3 days before the scheduled trip. After going out for food, I came home to find a small scrap of light blue paper on the floor. I ran upstairs to find my passport all chewed up and little pieces of paper all over my room! Needless to say, trip had to be cancelled.

Submitted By Onia Ruiz-Bravo / Facebook

3. The Jerk Puppy


Submitted by griffing402a9ca02

4. Goodbye Hearing Aid

One day when my roommate and I returned home from a short errand, I discovered little pieces of plastic on the floor. I gathered them all up and realized what it was. Kumo had found my hearing aid and completely destroyed it. A $2,100 piece of equipment obliterated by an adorable jerk.

Submitted By Rachel Plemons / Facebook

Creative Commons / Via Original Image: Flickr: tanyayooo

5. Some Valuable Poop

My childhood dog ate just about anything, including money. My family learned this when he ate $100 in Girl Scout cookie money that I was storing in a big envelope on the bottom of my bookshelf. It wasn't a total loss, though. My mom got a few 20 dollar bills back when she was picking up dog poop in the backyard...

Submitted By Paige Yungermann / Facebook

6. The Tampon Eater

My 25 pound pug/afinpinscher mix ate a used tampon out of the trash, and I had to pull it out of her butt. At least it was string first...

Submitted By Stephanie Kalajainen / Facebook

7. Exposed By The Dog

As a former employee of a vet clinic I have stories to boot. My favorite is the dog that came in and was vomiting and having the runs. Turns out she had swallowed something and had to have surgery to remove it. We typically save the item and return it to the owners to "educate" them. Well the husband and wife were in the room with the doctor and myself when we showed them the lime green g-string the dog had ingested. Needless to say it wasn't the wife's and they don't have any children. The hubby got caught cheating and the vet and I had to stand there awkwardly as the couple went at it.

Submitted by stephanien4bfcea9ec

Creative Commons / Via Original Photo: Flickr: bullcitydogs

8. My Dog Actually Ate My Homework

I always hated math and would do anything to get out of it. One day, I left my math book at home. The dog ripped the cover totally OFF and shredded the first 200 pages or so. I called my mom and told her to tell my math teacher that the dog really DID eat my book. He made me actually bring in the shreds.

Submitted By Gretchen Zishka / Facebook

9. That "Cooked Turd" Smell

Right when I thought my husband and I had successfully potty trained our new puppy, Lula, I came home from work to the house smelling entirely of dog poop. She had pooped right over the air vent on the floor. The heat from the air vent did a good job of circulating the "cooked turd" smell everywhere.

Submitted By Jennifer Barkley Blevins / Facebook

10. Puppy Found The Playboys

My mom's dog got into the bathroom and pulled out a wicker drawer from their towel cabinet. This drawer happened to be where my step-dad kept his collection of vintage Playboys. The dog proceeded to tear up all the magazines.

Submitted By mellisaz

11. The Toilet Paper Ruiner

My bulldog puppy's favorite thing to do was take the end of the toilet paper roll in his mouth and run to the living room with it, usually doing a lap around the dining room table just to make sure it all unraveled.

Submitted By laurenm49f7852b0

Creative Commons / Flickr: miikka_skaffari

12. The Trickster

Our puppy tricked us into thinking she was house trained. When we moved we found massive amounts of dog crap under the guest bed.

Submitted By tonibrookec

13. I Brought You A Present

Our sheepdog puppy Tinkerbell dragged an 8ft tree limb through the doggy door, up both flights of stairs, and onto my dad's bed when she was 11 weeks old (and only weighed 20lbs). That was almost a year ago and dad is still finding splinters in his mattress from the incident.

Submitted By victoriaa43d5503fc

14. A "Scissor-Like" Bite

Dobermans are known for having a "scissor-like bite". I found this out first-hand when my new puppy "cut" 3 inches of hair from the top of my head while I was sleeping! Now I have a chunk of hair that sticks up on the top of my head because it's too short to put into a ponytail with the rest of my hair.

Submitted By glorybee328

Creative Commons / Via Original Photo: Flickr: 25004006@N07

15. The Puppy Who Won't Stand For Dog-Shaming

My Great Dane rescue puppy Ophelia ate my Dog Shaming book. When I say ate, I mean destroyed. When I say destroyed, I mean she pooped out a bulldog wearing a sign.

Submitted By michellek4d3e4f56b

16. Ice Cubes On The Couch

Sasha's favorite thing to do is to "hide" ice cubes. For the longest time, we thought she was peeing on the couch until I caught her in the act! She picks out ice cubes from her water dish and hides them under the blanket we use on the couch to protect it from the fur. She still doesn't realize why her ice cubes are not there when she comes back for them later!

Submitted By Danielle Rose / Facebook

17. The Diva Cup

I was traveling with my dogs, and one is still pretty young (not even a year old). She snuck into my suitcase one morning and ate my menstrual cup that I had packed. My puppy literally ate my menstrual cup. She ATE it. Dogs are gross.

Submitted By melissai4094c6ad0

Creative Commons / Flickr: evocateur

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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