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17 Times Little Kids Tried Their Best And Failed

Childhood is a lot of trial and error.

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1. This kid who gave a valiant effort at avoiding homework.

2. This kid who doesn't seem to notice his mother is a mannequin.

3. LiL Tee.

4. This little girl who just wants to be a unicorn.

5. The child who thought they were changing the world with their helpful tutorial.

6. This genius who got free toys out of the situation, which doesn't change the fact that he got stuck.

7. This girl and her tiny patch of ice.

8. This kid who felt compelled to share EVERYTHING she's good at.

9. This baby who couldn't stay awake in time for the fun.

10. This child who decided to take her assignment in a more creative direction.

11. And this child who was TRYING to be nice, but got a little mixed up along the way.

12. This kid who thought this Beautyblender was a tasty treat.

13. This 5-year-old who is still getting the hang of how to use the internet.

14. This girl who is still figuring out chairs.

15. The artist behind this masterpiece.

16. And this child, also taking the instructions in a very literal manner.

17. And all these kids really trying their best to enjoy their night at the skate rink.

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