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17 Dogs And Cats Who Are Being Peaceful For Thanksgiving

We can learn from their example.

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1. These two are in naptime solidarity after eating way too much.

2. While these two are hesitant, but willing to be polite at the very least.

3. And even these mortal enemies have decided it's OK to play around a little bit on Thanksgiving.

4. These guys were just caught talking crap about your weird Uncle Bob.

"WELL. This is awkward."

"WELL. This is awkward."

5. And this cat and dog are finally teaming up to confront you about your terrible cooking.

6. Here, we have two sworn enemies using cooperation to figure out how to play Frozen for some after dinner entertainment.

7. These two will get close for a picture, but ONLY one picture and then they're outta there!

8. These two claim to be in it for the warmth, but really the holiday spirit has gotten to them.

"It's cold out there, OK?"

"It's cold out there, OK?"

9. And these rivals are content to just enjoy each other's company for once.

10. This big fluff and this little fluff decided that their fluffness was the important part, not that whole Cat vs. Dog thing.

"We are just two fluffs in a fluff-lovin' world."

"We are just two fluffs in a fluff-lovin' world."

11. These two understand that the holidays are a time for sharing and caring.

12. And these two are really trying to get on the same page.

13. So are they. Like, REALLY trying.

"He doesn't even like CATNIP, Mom. What are we supposed to talk about?!"

"He doesn't even like CATNIP, Mom. What are we supposed to talk about?!"

14. But these two are honestly surprised at how easy getting along is.

15. These two babies are realizing that maybe growing up as friends would be a better option than growing up as nemeses.

16. So even though dogs and cats have their differences...

17. least during Thanksgiving they can set them aside and just be family. And if they can do it, SO CAN WE.

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