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    16 Classic Cat Moves That Only A Cat Would Think To Do

    Professionals at doing their own thing.

    1. Cats will be overly suspicious of an immobile houseplant.

    2. They'll trespass and sit on a picnic table like they own the place.

    3. Only a cat can have fun in a tattered plastic bag.

    4. Or find the one hiding place you'd never think to look.

    5. They'll casually lick the water from atop a freshly rained-on car.

    6. And happily be a jerk to a helpless crated pup.

    7. Rather than cry over spilled milk, cats take advantage of it.

    8. They finagle their way UNDER the fitted sheet.

    9. And always want to be on the other side of a closed door.

    10. They really push the limits on the whole "nine lives" thing.

    11. And because of this, cats will will get stuck in the oddest places.

    12. They can be filled with rage at anything, like a teeny piece of foil on their heads.

    13. Cats attack when they want, with little to no provocation.

    14. They'll spend a solid amount of time to get in a position they'll stay in for just a few moments.

    It has just taken my cat a full five minutes to arrange himself so that all four feet are on this envelope. Why.

    15. And at all times, they are ready to snag a fallen Pop-Tart.

    16. And finally, only cats can commit so fully to doing exactly the opposite of what you want them to do.

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