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    16 Cats Who Hate How Fluffy They Are

    They have more to them than their fluffiness, ya know.

    1. This angry mountain of fur is refusing to acknowledge your presence.

    2. And this puffball is tired of being told how fluffy he is.

    3. This angel is just trying to lounge in peace, without your leering eyes.

    4. And don't even THINK about trying to touch this lady's luscious mane.

    5. This kitty has zero time for your delighted squeals.

    6. And this fellow will move farther out of reach if he has to.

    7. This cat gets so many hugs, and hates every last one of them.

    8. While this grumpy guy lives by a strict "no touching" agenda.

    9. This mighty fluff would like to go for a stroll without being stopped for pictures, just once, Helen, just once.

    10. This hairball came out to have a good time, and is feeling so attacked right now.

    11. And this kitty is trying his best to ignore you and your obsession with his fluffiness.

    jasonseagull /

    12. This grouchy man doesn't agree that he needs an 'attitude adjustment.'

    molly1969 /

    13. And this poofy pal will wait all day lurking in the shadows if that's how he avoids snuggles.

    14. This girl is not afraid of taking extreme measures.

    15. While this kitty is communicating everything he needs to in just one glare.

    16. And last but not least, this lil' lady is really, really hating that literally everyone wants to cuddle her.

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