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    15 Times Baby Seals Were Just Water Puppies

    Puppies of the sea!

    Disclaimer: Some of these babies are sea lions or fur seals, which aren't ~true seals~, but alas, they are all water puppies nonetheless.

    1. If you take a look at a baby seal, it becomes very clear that they are actually just water puppies.

    Kayleigh F / Flickr: kayleighfung

    2. For example, puppy behaviour was prominent when this lil' dude discovered the joy of chewing on shoes.

    3. And when this baby wanted some kisses.

    4. Also when this guy knew the best seat in the house is always the human's.

    Karol Franks / Flickr: karolfranks

    5. When this nugget executed the perfect puppy head tilt.

    Bernard Spragg / Flickr: volvob12b

    6. And when this baby was an expert at "puppy dog eyes."

    7. When this speckly fellow just wanted a belly rub.

    8. And when this pal just loved being held like the precious baby he is.

    9. When this tiny guy took it upon himself to be the best guard pup out there.

    10. And when this friendly baby made friends with a grown-up dog!

    11. When this little adventurer was just as mischievous as his land-puppy counterparts.

    12. When this big baby was just excited to be here, in classic puppy fashion.

    13. When this teeny lady had an itch that needed scratched with her water-puppy paws.

    Amheruko / Getty Images

    14. When this pup looked exactly like a pug.

    Steve_hardiman / Getty Images

    15. And finally...oh, no, wait. This one's really a dog. Carry on!

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