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14 Cuties Give You Their Best Back To School Advice

This week's top picks from our Cute or Not app are here to help you prepare for the new school year!

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1. "Look back on all that you've already accomplished, and get ready for more of that!"

Hope / Cute or Not

2. "Remember to eat a healthy breakfast before school."

Archie / Cute or Not

3. "Show your teachers the cool things you learned over the summer, they will love it!"

Lucky / Cute or Not

4. "Try to make some new friends this year!"

Ben & Jerry / Cute or Not


Bruno / Cute or Not

6. "Get rid of that bed head. You must look your best to feel your best to learn your best."

Chestnut / Cute or Not

7. "Take a deep breath. And then another."

Chimi / Cute or Not

8. "Be your nicest to the new kids!"

Harvey / Cute or Not

9. "Set high goals for yourself and go after them!"

Lizard / Cute or Not

10. "It's okay to ask questions in class!"

Lucy / Cute or Not

11. "Face your fears head on. Math is not your enemy!"

Patti / Cute or Not

12. "Get the extra sleeping-in done while you still can."

Tiger / Cute or Not


Tyson / Cute or Not

14. "Just be happy. You're gonna kill this school year."

Cookie / Cute or Not

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