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13 Steps To Naming Your New Pet

"Are you more of a George, or a Sir BooBooCakes?" The representatives from our Cute or Not app are here to help!

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2. Triple-check that your pal is a male or female (unless your new pet seems un-phased by societal gender norms, then the world of names is wide open to you.)

5. Make a list of all your favorite fictional characters, musicians, foods, historical figures, etc.

Cash / Cute or Not

Sherlock? No. Tupac? Maybe. Abraham Lincoln? Ooh, we are GETTIN' somewhere.

7. Of course, they can't answer. Now it's time for a new tactic. Get out a globe, give it a swirl, and put your finger on a random spot. New name?

May you find your new pet's true name, and have the best of days together! Godspeed!

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