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13 Cuties Who Understand How Much You Need A Nap Right Now

This has been one long week, and the animals from our Cute or Not app are here to tell you that it's time for a nap.

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1. "Look into my eyes. You deserve a nap."

Cute or Not

2. "We're pooped after running around for fifteen minutes, we can't imagine how you must feel after a WHOLE WEEK."

Belle & Fleur / Cute or Not

3. "I mean at this point, anywhere is suitable for a good sleep."

Cute or Not

4. "Grab a blanket. Close your eyes. You NEED this."

Daisy / Cute or Not

5. "My toys can wait. So can your work. A little nap will only help things!"

Zoey / Cute or Not

6. "And sometimes you just need to stop right where you are and sleep."

Benni / Cute or Not

7. "Stop saying 'I'm so tired' and go take a dang nap."

Teddy / Cute or Not

8. "See this face? TAKE A NAP. This face doesn't mess around."

Paisley / Cute or Not

9. "Look how easy it is to close your eyes and forget about your worries for a moment!"

Baby Mase / Cute or Not

10. "Baby bunnies need sleep, sure, but adult humans need sleep too."

"And you've earned it."
Baby / Cute or Not

"And you've earned it."

11. "Naps are not a sign of weakness. Naps are a sign of knowing when you need to be strong."

Gatoni / Cute or Not

12. "Won't you join me in the Land of Dreams?"

Cuddles / Cute or Not

13. "Stop, Drop, and Roll yourself into a cuddly burrito of sleep. Goodnight!"

Nylah / Cute or Not

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