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13 Cuties Who Are Ready For Sweater Weather

Summer is over, but it's not all bad!

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1. "Fall time means perfect snuggle weather."

Puppy / Cute or Not

2. "Blankets are my favorite part about this time of year."

Bodi / Cute or Not

3. "Do you want to frolic in the leaves? Because I do."

Buddy / Cute or Not

4. "We prefer striped sweaters."

Buffy and Hobbes / Cute or Not

5. "Don't be sad summer is ending, be happy that autumn is beginning!"

Cookie & Henry / Cute or Not

6. "And beginnings mean fresh starts. Finding new places to perch, if you will."

Einstein / Cute or Not

7. "Nap time is better when wearing a sweater."

Kimchi / Cute or Not

8. "I particularly like snuggling in the sleeves of sweaters."

Cute or Not

9. "It will be SO nice to enjoy the sunshine without getting too hot."

Lucy / Cute or Not

10. "More bike rides through the multi-colored trees, please!"

Mini / Cute or Not

11. "I can do ALL the digging now without getting in trouble for ruining the garden."

Max / Cute or Not

12. "And after labor day, it's acceptable to wear dark colors again, my favorites."

Thumper / Cute or Not

13. "THIS is my most comfortable temperature."

Minnie / Cute or Not

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