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    13 Cats Who Are More Adventurous Than You

    Whoever said you can't take your cat hiking was sourly mistaken!

    1. You might have falsely thought that a cat doesn't belong on a kayak.

    2. Or that a kitten could never be content in a tent.

    3. Whoever said all cats hate water was wrong.

    4. The guy who said beaches are just for dogs? Also wrong.

    5. And if someone claimed pet cats couldn't handle the snow, they'd be lying.

    6. "A cat won't stay in a backpack" is a false statement.

    7. So is "No cat will wear a sweater and gaze serenely upon snowy mountains."

    8. Here is a cat clearly negating the idea that cats can't canoe.

    9. And here's the same cat on another occasion, just to drive the point home.

    10. Did you think cats are only good at climbing indoors? Because if so, you were mistaken.

    11. This cat looks like he's having a fine time emphasizing how comfortable a cat can be inside walls made of nylon.

    12. This brave soul surely demolishes any idea that kittens aren't tough enough for the Great Outdoors.

    13. If there is one thing that's true, it's that cats can be the BEST adventurers.

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