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    11 Fluffy Dogs Who Are Probably Polar Bears

    There is a giant amount of fluff ahead.

    1. This massive pile of floof.

    2. And this dude, much gentler than your average bear.

    3. These excavators whose Arctic camouflage is looking a little dirty.

    4. And this tiny pup who is suspiciously similar to a polar bear cub.

    5. This giant baby in his winter hat.

    6. This smiley fellow, made for outdoor adventures.

    7. This cub with his big floofy paws.

    8. And this cub too, with his sweet, gentle eyes.

    9. This sleepy lil' guy ready to go into hibernation.

    10. This fluffster practicing his bear growls.

    11. And finally, this trickster who is actually just a pupper covered in snow!

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