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11 Things To Do With Leftover Candy

So. Much. Candy. What to do?

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1. Bring it to work/class

Everybody loves free stuff. Leave a bowl of candy out and it’ll be gone within the day.

3. Use it as a counting tool

If you’ve got any tots learning to count and don’t mind giving them a sugar rush try giving them candies to count and when they have correctly counted twelve mini milky ways let them eat it as a reward.

4. Dye yarn

Chemknits Tutorials

Using the more colorful candies (not chocolates. Never chocolates. Can you imagine the mess that would make?) you can make some pretty cool colorways with yarn. Chemknits Tutorials did this with several skeins of yarn in a livestream and showed the end results.

5. Create your own trail mix

Who says you can’t use all those packs of m&ms to create your own trail mix. Of course, if you’re anything like me you might need to buy some almonds and peanuts as well...

7. Bake with it

Baked goods will always be improved by the addition of candy. Here are a few recipes to use.

Snickers Chocolate Cookies

M&M Blondies

8. Make flavored alcohol

...apparently skittles work really well in alcohol. Choose a flavor of skittles to soak overnight in a bottle of your liquor of choice and then enjoy the next day. Threadbanger also did a video this on their Youtube channel, so if you’re interested check it out.

9. Have a peppermint mocha

Make yourself a cup of coffee. Add a York Peppermint Patty. Boom. Instant peppermint mocha. You’re welcome.

11. Pinata

If you’ve got a party in the near future just stuff a pinata with the candy. Sure you might get a few funny looks, but now you don’t have to deal with leftover candy.

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