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OB-GYNs Are Sharing The Most Mind-Blowing Words And Actions Husbands And Boyfriends Had The Audacity To Say And Do

The only "husband stitch" that should exist is the stitch they use to sew the baby blanket for their newborn.

As a woman who was privileged enough to receive a comprehensive sex education, I still get baffled when I hear things that, you know, aren't true. So when I came across this Reddit thread posed by u/thatoneapexlegend asking OB-GYNs to share the most outrageous things they've heard from boyfriends and husbands, my jaw had to be surgically reconstructed after colliding with the floor too hard*:

Here are some of the wildest responses:

1. Back during my OB rotation, there was a pregnant woman who had a BMI in the 70s and was considered morbidly obese. As the resident was questioning her about her health and pregnancy history, the husband began to describe how his mother- and sister-in-law had to assist in the conception by "holding his wife's thighs out of the way."


2. A maternity nurse told me that black children are usually extremely light-skinned when they are first born β€” light enough that the fathers immediately suspect that their wives have been unfaithful / the child is not there's.


3. I'm a flight medic who has delivered three babies. The second baby I delivered was in a van for a family that had just gone camping in the middle of nowhere. As the mom was pushing, the dad said, "Wait wait wait, we might get blood on the floor of the car!"


4. My mom once had a 15-year-old girl come into her office who was adamant that she was not pregnant despite her positive pregnancy test. My mom confirmed her pregnancy, but the girl said it was "impossible" since her boyfriend said if she stayed completely still during sex, then she wasn't "sexually active" and, therefore, was not able to get pregnant.


5. A husband removed his wife's stitches two weeks after she gave birth because they were bothering him during sex.


6. My friend said her OB-GYN told her a significant number of couples try to get pregnant via anal sex.


7. A father asked one of our OBs for an "extra stitch" after his wife's delivery. Her immediate response was, "Exactly how small do you need it to be, sir?" She's a legend.


8. One father requested a C-section for his wife so that "her vagina wouldn't be ruined."


9. A midwife told me that one husband asked her to hurry up with the birth so that he could catch a soccer match.


10. A father brought his PS4 into the delivery room so that he could play Spider-Man while we induced pregnancy.


11. A husband was in the room while I was performing a routine vaginal exam. He asked if there was any other way I could do the exam because he didn't want my fingers in his wife.


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12. A young girl was convinced she couldn't be pregnant because her boyfriend informed her that he wasn't able to impregnate her since he's been kicked in the balls a lot.


13. A husband was upset when we told him that his wife's baby would come out of her vagina, not her anus.


14. A man thought giving birth felt great because he assumed the woman was having a massive orgasm.


15. A guy asked me if his girlfriend had been sticking tuna up her vagina after I conducted a vaginal exam.


16. A woman came in for a surgery consultation for endometriosis. The recovery time for her would be about six months and the only question the boyfriend had was how long it would be until they could have sex again.


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17. A father demanded that we make his wife only produce male children with drugs (that don't exist) or a procedure (that is not possible).


18. A father complimented my surgical skills; he said he'd been to many strip clubs and has never seen a more beautiful C-section scar than the one I left on his wife.


You can read the rest of the thread here.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.