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    7 Frightening Facts To Consider When Booking Your Next Flight

    These 7 facts should not stop you from traveling by plane but will make you more sensitive to the things that are going on behind the scenes and might help you when preparing for your next flight.

    1. Flying can actually be a physiological torture and bad for your health / Via

    Some negative side affects for your health when flying are:

    # DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

    One of the most frightening side affects of all is DVT which is a blood clot blocking blood flow in your legs which causes swelling. The results are damaged lungs and other organs. The longer and the more often you fly, the higher the risks.

    # Ear Pain

    Due to changing cabin pressure especially during takeoff and landing, pressure will be build up in your ear canal which causes pain if it cannot be released.

    # Dehydration

    Since the humidity inside aiplanes is lower then at any other place you are usually going, you are likely to suffer from dehydration very quickly which will be visible through a dry (and bleeding) nose, dry and red eyes and a dry mouth. The results here are headaches, low blood pressure and fever. You are also more susceptible to infections.

    2. Flying with big airlines doesn't say anything about the Pilot's experience / Via

    If you book a flight with big airlines such as American Airlines or Lufthansa, you might actually be flying with a small airline that operates in their name. Pilots are less experienced and therefore earn less money as well. To maximize their salary, they might be flying slower no matter if passengers miss their connections flights.

    3. About the food you eat on an airplane... / Via

    Especially the frequent flyers among us know that at some point in their life airplane food started to taste the same no matter what you got. But this is not the reason that pilots have their own meals during the flight. It is because the airlines want to minimize the risk of them becoming sick.


    We have all seen those shiny board magazines that promise us cheap watches and alcoholic beverages for an unbeatable price. But who has already looked up the same products on the internet after the flight? Right, you can buy it for way less money there!

    5. Not only passengers fall asleep / Via

    "1/2 of pilots sleep while flying and 1/3 of the time they wake up to find their partner asleep."

    6. There's no such thing as a water landing. / Via

    "It's called crashing into the ocean."- Pilot, South Carolina


    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / Via

    The competition between airlines is brutal. To cut down on costs airlines also safe on fuel and tell pilots to fly slower in order to cut down on consumption.

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