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    10 Things That Let You Explore Hong Kong Off The Beaten Path

    After visiting Hong Kong for the third time, I am still not feeling tired of exploring this mega city. My last visit was far from any travel guide I ever bought in the local book store and I would like to share with you now my personal TOP 10 Things to do in Hong Kong!

    1. Paragliding above Hong Kong

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    Hong Kong has an incredible amount of green areas, mountains, islands and beaches. To get an overview of the natural wonders around the city, take the opportunity and take-off from Ngong Ping in Ma On Shan.

    2. Enjoy sunrise at Cape D’Aguilar

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    This is one of these spots from which you will say: "And once again it was worth waking up early". Cape D’Aguilar can only be reached by taxi or foot, no private cars are allowed to drive along the coastal road to the lighthouse. Don't forget your breakfast and enjoy a perfect ocean sunrise. After that, go for number 9 on this list. The trailhead is just around the corner!

    3. Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise at Hong Kong Geopark

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    A little bit further outside the city, there is a massive dam. If you walk past it and hike for around 20minutes you will be rewarded with this incredible scenery!

    4. For sunrise or sunset, go to the observation deck at Harbour City Shopping Mall

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    The observation deck at Harbour City Mall opened in 2017 and is still barely known among tourists. We went here during sunset and night time and had the whole place almost for ourselves! And the view on the skyline is incredible, especially for the Symphonie of Lights that takes place every night. PS. This spot doesn't close during night time and it is free!

    5. Take the tram to Victoria Peak and enjoy sunset from the observation deck

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    Yes! Victoria Peak is probably one of THE main attractions for any tourist coming to Hong Kong. But in my eyes, one can not leave the city without visiting the observation deck at least once for sunset! If you hike up or take the tram is up to you, but the tram is definitely a great experience that you won't have so soon again!

    6. Visit the Big Buddah on Lantau Island for sunset

    Marc Baeachtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    The Big Buddah is not a secret place to visit. However, if you visit Lantau Island during the day, you will find yourself with many other tourists. Walk up the stairs to the Buddah 45min before they close the gates and you can enjoy the atmosphere almost on your own.

    7. Explore the "Old Town"

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    If you want to leave the busy part of the city behind and explore some traditional corners of Hong Kong, take a taxi to the old town where you can find lots of hand crafted goods, small restaurants and classical architecture.

    8. Hike Kowloon Peak for the best free view on Hong Kong

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    Do you want to get the best view on Hong Kong without paying any entrance fee? Hike Kowloon Peak! It is a ridge hike that will give you a 360 degree view on the skyline and the surrounding mountains.

    9. Take a shower at "Tai Tam Waterfall"

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    Being located in the middle of some sort of rainforest, Tai Tam Waterfall is the perfect getaway on a hot, humid day. It only requires a 15-min hike to get there from the bus stop.

    10. Hike the "Dragon's Back"

    Marc Baechtold / Via Instagram: @marcbaechtold

    This hike offers a non-stop 360° view on the bay, the mountains and some islands. Definitely a must-do for all the active travelers among us!

    11. A Video about most of the things I have just mentioned. Enjoy !

    View this video on YouTube / Via
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