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    10 Things That Let You Explore Hong Kong Off The Beaten Path

    After visiting Hong Kong for the third time, I am still not feeling tired of exploring this mega city. My last visit was far from any travel guide I ever bought in the local book store and I would like to share with you now my personal TOP 10 Things to do in Hong Kong!

    1. Paragliding above Hong Kong

    2. Enjoy sunrise at Cape D’Aguilar

    3. Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise at Hong Kong Geopark

    4. For sunrise or sunset, go to the observation deck at Harbour City Shopping Mall

    5. Take the tram to Victoria Peak and enjoy sunset from the observation deck

    6. Visit the Big Buddah on Lantau Island for sunset

    7. Explore the "Old Town"

    8. Hike Kowloon Peak for the best free view on Hong Kong

    9. Take a shower at "Tai Tam Waterfall"

    10. Hike the "Dragon's Back"

    11. A Video about most of the things I have just mentioned. Enjoy !

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