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The 13 Worst Times To Encounter Buffering

Please, no more spinning wheels of doom.

1. When you try and fail to buy tickets to that gig you've been waiting all year to see because BUFFERING.

2. Or when you've been saving up to go to that music festival, and you've got the website lined up ready to go, but then BUFFERING.

3. When you're watching your favourite show reach its spectacular climax but...knock knock. Who's there? BUFFERING.

4. When the pub quiz is about to finish, and you're desperate to check just one little answer but then – BAM! – BUFFERING.

5. When you're about to drop a lot of money online but are terrified you've accidentally drained your account because BUFFERING.

6. When you big up this hilarious video you’ve found online to your mates who now have huge expectations of you and this video, which shatter thanks to BUFFERING.

7. When you have to download a crucial presentation you're giving in that career-defining meeting but, alas, BUFFERING.

8. When you're live-streaming the final, and things are getting heated, and then, wait, oh no, it's BUFFERING.

9. When you're waiting for the most important email of your entire existence, and you see it arrive in your inbox, but you can't open it because of everyone's least favourite pal, BUFFERING.

10. When your favourite artist sneakily drops a brand-new music video with absolutely no warning, and you scramble to watch it but BUFFERING.

"Everyday I’m buffering." - Youtube

11. When you're streaming a film the first time your date goes back to your pad, and ugh, who invited BUFFERING?

12. When you desperately need to stream music on the bus to drown out a screaming baby but – all together now – BUFFERING.

13. And finally when you're really lost, and you're a bit scared you'll never find your way home, but your maps app won't open because, you guessed it, BUFFERING.

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