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21 Ways The Internet Is Torturing Us All

When it’s good, it’s very very good. But sometimes, the internet drives us crazy with its annoying habits. At least with with superfast 4GEE from EE, buffering isn’t one of them.

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2. When you're trying to get on a website – and their landing page keeps getting in the way. / Via

"Look, I have five minutes to get on here and buy that skirt. I DO NOT want to watch a five-minute video about your sale."

5. When the search engine tries to autocorrect the phrase you're searching for.


Feels weirdly insulting.

13. When you check your social media page and you have 54 invites to ONE game…

…and no new messages.

The internet can be insanely frustrating. Make sure buffering isn't one of those frustrations, with superfast 4GEE from EE.

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