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21 Ways The Internet Is Torturing Us All

When it’s good, it’s very very good. But sometimes, the internet drives us crazy with its annoying habits. At least with with superfast 4GEE from EE, buffering isn’t one of them.

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1. When none of the pictures on your article will load. / Via

"FINE. I'll just GUESS what "12 Sassy Shetland Ponies" look like then."

2. When you're trying to get on a website – and their landing page keeps getting in the way. / Via

"Look, I have five minutes to get on here and buy that skirt. I DO NOT want to watch a five-minute video about your sale."

3. When something is buffering.

4. When the website KEEPS ASKING you to accept cookies.

5. When the search engine tries to autocorrect the phrase you're searching for.

Feels weirdly insulting.

Feels weirdly insulting.

6. When you watch six minutes of this for 30 seconds of video.


7. When you're trying to read an article, and the advert keeps obscuring it.

8. When you thought you'd blocked pop-ups, BUT SUDDENLY…

9. When someone you know keeps posting cryptic Facebook status updates.

The Truman Show/Paramount Pictures / Via

10. When you're trying to find something online and all you can find are cat pictures.

11. When your connection is really slow for no apparent reason.

12. When you try and download something, and it takes so long you might as well have gone to the shops and bought it.

13. When you check your social media page and you have 54 invites to ONE game…

…and no new messages.

14. When someone starts an argument with you on the internet. / Via

"If it wasn't for this screen, I'd tear you apart."

15. When your browser inexplicably shuts down... / Via

...and wipes all the forms your were filling in.

16. When stuff keeps getting reposted on all your favourite sites.


So you can't find anything new to read.

17. When an online form wants your phone number. / Via

But say that you're not going to call me, right?

18. When you're asked to choose an overly complicated new password.

"Please make sure it includes one capital letter, one number, a dead pet's name, and a hieroglyph." / Via

"Please make sure it includes one capital letter, one number, a dead pet's name, and a hieroglyph."

19. When you look at something on a website, and it follows you around the internet on banner adverts. / Via

Like the ghosts of aborted shopping trips past.

20. When a website you use all the time "forgets" your details.


And you have no idea what your password is.

21. When you sign up for a mailing list, and they sell your email address.

So your email gets clogged up with spam.

So your email gets clogged up with spam.

The internet can be insanely frustrating. Make sure buffering isn't one of those frustrations, with superfast 4GEE from EE.

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