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12 Things That Only Get Better With Speed

Impatience is a virtue!

1. Awkwardly long embraces with touchy-feely relatives you really aren't that close to.

2. When you're live-streaming to your many, many fans, and your 4G's just not playing ball.

3. Your third internet date of the week, who was blatantly lying when their profile implied they had a personality.

4. Dave at work's thrilling Monday-morning recaps of what he got up to at the weekend.

5. When you're at the local pub quiz, and you're desperately trying to look up an answer in the toilets, but you finish your business before the page even loads.

6. Those kind of people, who always seem to take up residency right in front of you.

7. When you're on the bus and streaming a show, and it's doing that choppy, one-second-buffering thing, which gives you false hope that it might sort itself out, BUT IT NEVER DOES.

8. Or, when you're stuck in traffic trying to get to the pub, and you miss a goal because watching the game on your phone just isn't happening.

9. Walking, which turns into the infinitely more badass POWER WALKING.

10. When your friends insist on sending you photos in an email attachment rather than just putting them in the darn group chat.

11. Your laptop booting up. (Which is why you haven't turned the thing off in three years.)

12. That moment when you come out of the train station and have to wait for your maps to load. And you wait...and you wait...and you wait...

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