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Seven Worth Trying Ideas For A Special Wedding

You’ve seen so many weddings, maybe sometimes even as a part in it. But you always want to make your own weeding a special and unforgettable one. Don’t worry, we’ve pick up seven great ideas for you, each of them are well worth a try.

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1. Make the bride an express from her parents to the groom “Pack” the bride in a case, making sure the case is big enough. And then arrange a man wearing the ‘Love Courier” printed shirt to pick up the express, and bring it to the groom by a cart. The groom is asked to sign his express himself and open the case, bring his angle out. To make it more creative, you can add a pair of wings for the bride.

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2. Invite your guests to light the blessing candle Put several candles in the open space or dining table, and ask every guest to light one candle to show his blessing to the new couple. So when all guests arriving, every corner of the wedding room would be lighted by blessing candles.

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3. Bring your pet to the wedding As a necessary part in your family, your pet mustn’t be neglected in your big day. Let it be with you and witness your wedding. If possible, he can be a ring bearer for you, just make sure he’ll not ruin everything.

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4. Plant a love tree The new couple would take a vow and sign the marriage license in wedding as an announcement for their union. Besides, there’re many other way for the witness of their love. Bride and groom plant a sapling together, and engraved their love vows on it. Of course, the activity can be changed into a keeping a tiddler, sealing a bar of wine, or something else.

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5. 6.Groom throwing garter toss replace bride throwing her bouquet   Generally, bride would throw her bouquet, and the lucky girl who catches it would be with the hope of becoming a new bride soon. This time, change the role, the groom should be the bouquet passer. If the male single guests are in a larger number, it would be much welcomed. Of course, you can make both things.

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6. Set off lettering fireworks As an ending for the wedding, fireworks are very necessary. It’s both for the celebrating and the gratitude. Try to make it in several words pattern, such as love, cheers and thanks.

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