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Funny Trifles In Chinese Wedding

Do you ever knew about Chinese wedding? Let's what's the funny thing may happen.

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1. There're a lot of Red Bags in the wedding. People put amount of money in a red envelope, and call it "hongbao". The guests send it to the new couple as a way to express their blessing. While the groom and bride also need to prepare several small changes.

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2. They would like even numbers in wedding, such "double happiness" paper-cutting and symbol appear everywhere.

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3. The bride would wear gold and silver decorations. It's not only for the good luck, but also a symbol of wealth.

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4. The new couple would eat "tangyuan", a kind of glutinous riceball soup before the bride leaving her family.

5. Car would be decorated and in a team, the new couple would be in first car, which has more decoration than others. Generally, the quantity and brands of the cars would vary.

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6. The new couple need to toast to their guests to express their gratitude. Generally, the banquet would be in a restaurant, and people sit around different tables. The couple need to toast one by one. How a tiring work it would be !

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7. They'll put peanut, red dates, longan, melon seed, such things on the wedding bed, which has a meaning of giving a baby soon. Usually, they'd asked a boy to roll on the bed the night before the wedding to express the wish of giving birth to a boy.

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