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Funny Trifles In Chinese Wedding

Do you ever knew about Chinese wedding? Let's what's the funny thing may happen.

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1. There're a lot of Red Bags in the wedding. People put amount of money in a red envelope, and call it "hongbao". The guests send it to the new couple as a way to express their blessing. While the groom and bride also need to prepare several small changes.

6. The new couple need to toast to their guests to express their gratitude. Generally, the banquet would be in a restaurant, and people sit around different tables. The couple need to toast one by one. How a tiring work it would be !

7. They'll put peanut, red dates, longan, melon seed, such things on the wedding bed, which has a meaning of giving a baby soon. Usually, they'd asked a boy to roll on the bed the night before the wedding to express the wish of giving birth to a boy.

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