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    10 Rudely Underrated Taylor Swift Songs That Deserve Waaaaay More Praise

    Can I hear a little commotion for "Jump Then Fall"!

    As a Swiftie, 50% of the time I'm listening to the entire discography of my girl Taylor. There’s not enough time for every song she’s written to get the recognition it deserves, but some deserve WAY more attention. Here’s a list of just 10 songs I believe are rudely underrated.

    1. "Jump Then Fall"

    2. "All You Had to Do Was Stay"

    3. "The Moment I Knew"

    4. "Speak Now"

    5. "Death By A Thousand Cuts"

    6. "A Perfectly Good Heart"

    7. "Right Where You Left Me"

    8. "Gorgeous"

    9. "The Last Great American Dynasty"

    10. "Bye Bye Baby"