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These Are The 11 Types Of People At Every Bookclub

You wish these people were fictional.

1. The person who is definitely only there for the desserts.

2. The person who dominates the convo despite not having any real insight whatsoever.

3. The person who read way too far ahead and is bad at hiding it.

4. The person who clearly did not read the book and is really bad at pretending like they did.

5. The person who read the book...and also every critical essay on the book ever.

6. The person who definitely just watched the movie version of the book.

7. The person who is super extra about reading passages.

8. The person who straight-up never shows up...even when it’s their book.

9. The person who somehow always brings it back to their own life.

10. The one person who takes the conversation to dark, unrelated places.

11. The person who is in, like, four other book clubs.

Animation by Kirun Kunju / © BuzzFeed

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