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Trip The Light

A blog about live concerts happening around Charlotte.

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Music that feeds the soul.

My name is Erin Cortez. Music has been a part of my life growing up. I enjoyed going to concerts with my family. I also enjoyed seeing people have a good time while listening to music. I used to go to music festivals every year. I saw a lot of famous artists perform, such as B.O.B, Nelly, Ludacris, and others. My dream is to interact with with other artists and talk about their music.

The purpose of my blog is to explore concerts that are happening in Charlotte. I have always been a fan of going to concerts. I usually go to venues like Fillmore and Underground. I like going to those places, but I wanted to venture out to other concert venues. I also enjoy finding new artists and genres. So, I had the idea of having a blog strictly focused on going to concerts around Charlotte. I will be blogging about the people's experience at the concert. I will also be blogging about impressions of the bands that I get to see.

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