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Mercury Dimes

Diamond in the Rough?

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Mercury Dimes

Mercury Dimes is a mix of a punk rock and acoustic band with a unique twist. The band members are Wesdawg (drummer), Curlee (guitarist), and Laura (lead guitarist/singer).

Laura is the lead singer. She has a very unique voice that reminds the audience of an Alanis Morissette- like voice. Laura's voice was definitely unexpected to me, but her voice was surprisingly a good fit with the punk rock sound.

Mercury Dimes definitely emits the typical punk rock feel with the guitar shredding skills and fast-paced drums, but Laura's voice has made the band unique.

Mercury Dimes just released a new album with three songs: "Tomorrow's Responsibilities", "Drivin", and Tired of Screaming.

If you want to listen to some of Mercury Dimes' music, here is the link:

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