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Everything You Need To Know If You Wanna Take Back Your Social Life This Summer

Ecolab Science Certified is a comprehensive, science-based program that helps places like restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and other businesses advance cleaner, safer practices to achieve a higher level of cleanliness. The program helped Hannah Williams and her fellow mom BFF Heather Roma enjoy the perfect day out! Check out how it went. Maybe you'll get some inspiration, so you can feel confident as you plan to take back your social life and get back to the moments and places you’ve been missing!

Guess what? Summer just got a major do-over, and this year it's all about taking back your social life!

You've spent so much time at home that you've probably fantasized about having a perfect day out. This is the time to try to make those fantasies come true. Dump the PJs and get ready!

It's finally time to reconnect with old friends. And we're going to tell you how!

One thing’s for sure: It’s time to take back your social life.

But never fear, Ecolab is here!

So get ready for delicious food, drinks, and the best company!

Find a location that has earned the Ecolab Science Certified seal.

And relax! Start off with your favorite appetizers, perhaps?

Because it's all about enjoying your time and feeling confident.

So you can relax and have a well-deserved drink. Rosé, anyone?

 All images courtesy of BuzzFeed / Ecolab Science Certified

Take back your social life this summer with Ecolab Science Certified.