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Dog Videos From YouTube Annually

Compilation of dog videos throughout the years of YouTube's existence.

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1. Skateboarding Dog

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RNickeyMouse / Via

Starting us off with 2007 I have selected this adorable dog who loves to stay on the board and skateboard doing the thing that they love most. In regards to virality, this video was the first video that popped up when searching for dog videos in 2007 which explains the amount of views that it has gathered throughout the years of YouTube.

2. Husky Dog Talking - " I love you "

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gardea23 / Via

With the video in 2008, this video was the top relevant post with over 101 million views over the years. While the video is old, people are still interacting with it such as commenting "who's watching in 2017" (Jessica Idk) and has 353 likes at the time of writing.

3. Zombie Dog

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Andrew Hosmer / Via

For 2009 I found this video which was definitely a different video to see as it still contained videos of a dog but not cute and adorable like the ones previously. This still reaches audience today in 2017 with over 10 million views and would still be considered viral in Jenkins' "Spreadable Media".

4. Dancing Merengue Dog

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harapeno / Via

For 2010, this dancing dog was selected by YouTube once again with its astonishing number of views. It has reached 19 million views and is hard not to love with a dog dancing to music.

5. Ultimate Dog Tease

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Talking Animals / Via

In 2011, this video definitely has the highest view count with over 185 million views due to the video's humour and spreadability. This video is voiced over a dog video and synced perfectly together to create this masterpiece.

6. Dog imitates baby

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Tom Cammarata / Via

With 2012, this video was simply a mixture of love and a baby. This video has over 33 million views and definitely would be considered viral in the eyes of Jenkins.

7. Dog Wants a Kitty

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Talking Animals / Via

Similar to 2011, in 2013, this video was the most viral dog video for that year aside from compilation videos that do not really count on this list. The voice overs are done really well and provides a lot of comedy for those watching which explains the success that this video has.

8. Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

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SA Wardega / Via

While at first it was scary, this video from 2014 was definitely viral with 167 million views and is the most liked video with 840 thousand likes in this list.

9. Meet 'Hulk': The Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull

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Barcroft TV / Via

In 2015 this documentary went viral due to the sheer rarity of a breed of pit bulls becoming as large as this one. This also became viral due to the fact that it is easy to spread.

10. Guy dresses up as dog's favorite toy

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Ben Mesches / Via

Last but not least for 2016, we have an owner who dresses up as Gumby which is the dog's favourite toy. The reaction that the dog makes when she first sets her eyes on the costume is adorable. While this is only for Halloween, the fact that the owner went through all that trouble to give his dog the time of her life shows a lot of affection and dedication from his owner!

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