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Amazon’s Echo Frames Will Seamlessly Connect You To All Your Favorite Things

Hands-free access to your music, calls, and more. Plus, they're stylish and versatile. Echo Frames are one gadget that's bound to live up to the hype.

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) | Smart audio glasses with Alexa

Echo Frames glasses
Amazon / Via www.amazon.com

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Let's start by saying that Amazon’s Echo Frames are actually really cool. Timeless and sleek, they'll suit any outfit and season.

Woman relaxing by the pool sports Echo Frames on sunny day

But more important than looking pretty chic, Echo Frames connect with Alexa, whom you'll be able to hear ~discreetly~.

Man wears Echo Frames

This means you have access to content, your friends and family, and more, without that getting in the way of what you might be doing at the moment.

Man wears Echo Frames glasses while doing dishes with his young son

Since your Echo Frames are linked to Alexa, you can add items to your to-do list, turn off your lights at home once away, set your alarm from anywhere, and much more.

Smiling man wears Echo Frames glasses while at the park with his dog

So how does that audio work exactly? Well, there are four open-ear speakers that direct the sound toward your ears, allowing you to be cognizant of the world around you even as you listen to something through your frames.

Smiling man wears Echo Frames glasses

Um, did we mention they look really sweet already?

Man sports Echo Frames glasses in Modern Tortoise

For those using digital devices all day, Echo Frames offer blue light filtering lenses.

Woman using monitor wearing Echo Frames glasses with blue light lenses

In terms of battery life, you'll get over two hours of talk time, Alexa interactions, and media playback over a 14-hour day.

Man wearing Echo Frames glasses grilling on patio with friends and family

Echo Frames are designed to help you save time so you can focus on what matters most. Get them today at Amazon.

Amazon Echo Frames functionalities plus charger