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12 Reasons "Halo Wars 2" Has Our Plasma Grenades Glowing

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Halo Wars 2 is almost here, and the next chapter of this wild real-time strategy (RTS) saga's got our plasma grenades a-glowin'.

1. We return to "The Spirit of Fire," after a 28-year cryo-nap following the story of the first Halo Wars.

We will finally learn what that mysterious voice at the end of Halo Wars credits meant when she said, "Wake up, Captain. Something's happened."

2. 343i brought Creative Assembly, titans of RTS, on board to develop the next chapter of the Halo Wars saga.

With 20-plus years developing games in the genre, you know they're gonna bring the depth and scope worthy of the Halo name.

3. This time our enemy is a Brute army that has rebelled against the Covenant.

Which means they are renegades, and completely off the chain.

4. Judging by the way our ship's AI says the name of their leader, we're guessing he's not going down easy.

OK, Isabel, we get it: The guy's a badass.

5. ...But, boy, does he look fun to go to war against.

UNSC's gonna knock that, er, smile off your face?

6. Halo Wars 2 returns to a story of insurmountable odds just as Halo diehards have come to expect.

I mean, Master Chief was just one guy, and look what he accomplished.

7. Just like in Halo Wars, our arsenal is stacked with heavy ordnance to bring the ruckus to Atriox and his "Banished."

By the time they hear the whine of the missles, it's already too late.

8. But the size and scope of the the battlefields are even more jaw-dropping than the first game.

Fight them on the beaches, in the Ark, and on Halos.

9. Players can choose from a wide variety of game modes tuned to their specific RTS experience and skill level.

Deathmatch, Domination, Campaign, it's all here. Pick your poison.

10. Also included is the new "Blitz Mode," combining the action of RTS with the deliberate strategy of a deck-building card game.

The developers have said that this mode is perfect for players new to RTS to learn the genre.

11. Halo Wars 2 will be available on the Windows 10 store, so now PC gamers can get in on the action.

No PC vs. console drama here. We unite to kick the Banished's ass.

12. So get ready for the showdown. Because the day draws near.

All Images Courtesy of Microsoft Studios

Get ready to get some, Marine.

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