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12 Amazing "Minecraft" Loot Drops You Can Own IRL

Get the Alexes and Steves in your life the loot they crave.

1. The expansive Minecraft Explorers Pack for Xbox One

2. This colourfully customized "Creeper" Xbox One controller

3. This exclusive Deluxe Sword from ThinkGeek

4. An adorable Minecraft pig controller

5. A sturdy canvas wallet emblazoned with a Minecraft sword

6. An exclusive Redstone Wall Torch

7. A copy of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2

8. A pixel-perfect PoP! Games replica of Steve...

9. ...or one of Alex

10. Maybe even a replica skeleton!

11. A stylish (and spooky) "Creeper" hoodie

12. Or these cute "Mob Drop" accessory pins

All Images Courtesy Of EB Games

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