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10 Reasons For You To Hire Me

If you're reading this post, it means I believe your company to be awesome, and I'd like to show you what I can do for you...

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Hi there stranger! I'm glad you're still around. Please keep reading and enjoy, if so, at the end you'll be rewarded ;)

I'm Ebed. I want to start my professional career here in Australia, that's why I've decided to share this with you, since I firmly believe a traditional cover letter is not the only way to go.

So here I come...

1. I have a strong desire to keep learning

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I moved to Melbourne 2 and half years ago. After a few years of being out there in the professional world, I decided it was time for me to keep growing both personally and professionally; it was time to study my Masters.

2. I love challenges

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My goal was to study my postgraduate degree overseas, and in a university ranked within the top 100 institutions in the world. This would be my first time outside of Mexico, which meant practising my English on a daily basis for the first time; the most obvious choice would have been the U.S.A. or Canada, but I wanted something different, challenging and exciting…it was settle, I was moving to Australia!

3. Postgraduate degree with a specialisation in Marketing

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I’m about to complete my Master of Business with a major in Marketing at Monash University. I selected units that I consider will enhance my professional profile along with my previous work experience. The most representative units I have taken are: Assessing Marketing Performance, Strategic Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, and Service and Operations Management.

And YES just in case you´re wondering, Monash it´s in the top 100 Institutions in the world

4. International work experience as a buyer

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Not that kind of "buyer"!

Back in Mexico I worked for the big retailer Wal-Mart in the E-commerce division. As a Junior Buyer I had the opportunity to develop and launch online two of the most on demand categories: computers and tablets, and cameras. By doing it so I was in charge of product selection, development and sourcing, along with implementing strategies to increase sales revenue. I also worked as an Assistant Buyer for a global automotive manufacturer, I was in charge of strategic sourcing activities for various commodities for 3 different departments of the organisation.

5. Sharing is caring

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Did anyone said volunteering? Yes, I volunteered as a Non-residential college advisor at Monash. We provided a space for students living off-campus where they could boost their university experience while studying at Monash. I proudly represented the Pegasus college.

6. Talk about multitasking and prioritising

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Back in the day while I was studying my Bachelor degree in International Business, I held an excellence scholarship throughout, I was part of a representative dancing Mexican Folklore group at Uni, worked part-time as a bank teller, had an Internship at Janssen Pharmaceutical, and had a social life.

Let me know if you want some dancing lessons ;)

7. Have you heard of Monica from friends? Well that´s me

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I consider myself as a less freaky version of Monica Geller. I have a strong attention to detail, love and appreciate order, tidiness, and structure; but don’t worry I´m a flexible person I don’t get all OCD.

8. Work in a team? Can do. Work on my own? I can do that too.

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I´m a people-person, and enjoy meeting and working with different people; as well, I know how to work on my own, we all need our own space sometimes.


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