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5 Reasons To Hire Me

it's not what you'd think.

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1. My persistent belief in the balance of the universe.

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I know that the good will always balance out the bad in this life, and I spilled my coffee this morning, so getting hired by you would even that one out.

2. A thirst for positivity

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The internet is a really solid library of negative comments, which I can watch like a hawk and kill like 2016.

3. My hip-happening perspective and willingness to write about it.

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I will write about literally anything, and I will slip in the best slang of the week.

4. General like-ability and can-do attitude.

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In my work experience with projects that take me long into the night, I've been told I'm the type of person you don't mind seeing in the office at 2am.

5. I don't take up much space.

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Due to my slight frame and disdain for material attachment, I can set up shop just about anywhere. I once moved to England for 5 months with only 1 suitcase.

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