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If Christmas Were An 8-Bit Video Game

Everything is better in 8-bit... Go back to your childhood and find all your favourite retro consoles on eBay this Christmas!

At eBay, we love the fact that technology only gets cooler with age. So that got us thinking... What if we gave Christmas the 8-bit treatment?

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

And we did! So shall we play already?

Invasion of the Spirit Snatchers

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Whether you try to fight it or embrace it with open arms, the moment November hits, it's inevitable: The Christmas Spirit will get you. Resistance is futile.


Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Once you're in the festive mood, you usually feel an overwhelming urge to Christmas-ify everything in sight. Unfortunately your cat doesn't quite feel the same way, so as per usual, a battle of will ensues.

Bar Raider

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Navigating your way around the office party, grabbing all the free drinks while avoiding conversation with your boss is not a challenge for the fainthearted. The ultimate test, though? Figuring out when you've put in enough time and can finally head home.

Dance Dance Inebriation

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

You've spent the past 11 months talking up your dance moves and now the time has finally arrived to show your colleagues what you've got. Here's hoping that third glass of wine acts as a power-up rather than a handicap.

Jingle Run

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

The day before Christmas is usually spent navigating through crowds of people to grab the last pot of goose fat left in the supermarket. Thankfully, you've got years of Christmas shopping wisdom on your side.

Revenge of the Birds

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

You've been having nightmares about it for the past two weeks, but the moment has, at long last, arrived. It's your IRL boss level: making sure the turkey doesn't come out dry.

Merry Brickmas

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Pure physics states that all the 50-or-so dishes you've whipped up for Christmas dinner will never fit on your table. But physics has never had you as an opponent.

O Holy Fight

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Every year, you tell yourself you don't care. After all, you just win a flimsy toy and a bad joke, right? But something switches when someone extends a cracker to you. You'll win this tug of war – or die trying.

Nan Patrol

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Being on nan-watch after she's had one-too-many sherries is the ultimate test of co-ordination and vision – especially since you've had a tipple yourself.

Antagony Aunt

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

A mental battle like no other, the conversation you get stuck in with that relative is pretty much the most daunting part of your Christmas. Getting through it without significant cheat codes (aka wine) is a near-impossible feat.

Need for Feast

Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed

Dinner has been eaten, presents have been exchanged, and you've even survived your aunt's invasive questions about your love life. Now all that's left is to eat literally everything in sight. Careful, though – you might just explode.

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Animations © Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed