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If Christmas Were An 8-Bit Video Game

Everything is better in 8-bit... Go back to your childhood and find all your favourite retro consoles on eBay this Christmas!

At eBay, we love the fact that technology only gets cooler with age. So that got us thinking... What if we gave Christmas the 8-bit treatment?

Invasion of the Spirit Snatchers


Bar Raider

Dance Dance Inebriation

Jingle Run

Revenge of the Birds

Merry Brickmas

O Holy Fight

Nan Patrol

Antagony Aunt

Need for Feast

You won't find these games on eBay. But for all your real retro gaming needs, we have you covered!

Looking for a video game from your childhood this Christmas? It’s yours again with eBay!

Sort out your Christmas shopping in style and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Animations © Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed