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14 Types Of Christmas Gifters You’ve Definitely Received Presents From

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1. The auntie who buys champagne for LITERALLY everyone.

2. The dad who has no idea what he got you because Mum did all the shopping.

3. Or the dad who goes above and beyond for you.

4. The mum who knows exactly what you want because she stalks your social media every day. Every. Single. Post.

5. And the mum who gets you something "you'll grow into".

6. The friend who gets you everything you already have.

7. And the one friend who gets you the one thing you've always wanted.

8. The grandma who surprises you with something really cool.

9. Or the grandma who gets you something cheeky like sexy lingerie.

10. The brother who gets you THE SAME THING every year.

11. And the brother who definitely just spent 10 minutes at the shops.

12. The sister who gets you something she actually wants herself.

13. The friend who isn't really a Christmas fan but still manages to get you something really thoughtful.

14. And the friend who has obviously just given you something they didn't want.

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