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How To Hack Your Way To The Perfect 15-Piece College Wardrobe

You got into college, so you’re probably smart. That means you care about setting up your dorm room for sartorial success. Ebay can help.

Dorms = tiny. Your bed will be small, your desk will be small, and *gasp* your CLOSET will be small.

This doesn’t mean you won’t still have to dress for a thousand different occasions though: You’ll need classroom looks, interview outfits, all-nighter getups, and night-out ensembles.

By limiting your wardrobe to these 15 essentials, you can look great wherever you go...even with way less space.

The items:

1. The Perfect White V-Neck

2. A Blazer That Fits You Perfectly

3. Classic Sneakers

4. Dark-Wash Jeans

5. A Chambray Button-Down

6. A Decent Pair of Leather Shoes

7. Casual Shorts

8. An Upscale Button-Down or Luxe-Looking Tank

9. A Giant Flannel (for Throwing On or Tying Around)

10. A School-Spirit Crew Neck

11. Comfy Sweatpants

12. A Next-Level Backpack

13. A Special-Occasion Outfit

14. A Leather Jacket

15. Yoga Pants or Athletic Shorts

All illustrations by Kirun Kunju / © BuzzFeed

You’ve got this. Ebay is here to help you hack your way to your best college wardrobe with a great selection of these pieces.