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13 Emotional Stages Of Holiday Shopping

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1. The Awakening

CBS, The Young And The Restless / Via

"Oh, is it that time again? OK — here we go again. I can do this."

2. The Excitement

"I am going to buy all of the things."

3. The Even More Excitement


4. The Planning

Paramount Television, Sabrina The Teenage Witch / Via

"I shall be the first in line and score all of the deals, yes, yes..."

5. The Initial Misgivings

"Wait, the stores open how early?"

6. Return of Excitement

Toby Turner / / Via

"Look at how cheap that TV is!"

7. Return of Misgivings

"But it's only guaranteed to the first five customers..."

8. Anticipation

Charlie McDonnell / / Via

"Tomorrow is the big sale, can you BELIEVE IT!"

9. Freakout

National Geographic / / Via

"What do you mean dinner's not until eight? DOORS OPEN AT EIGHT, MOM."

10. Dejection

"Good. I'm in line. For the next... three... hours..."

11. Anarchy


12. Dawning Realization

"Wait— what did I buy? Wait— how much did I spend? What does this even DO?!"

13. Acceptance

Ben Parrish / / Via

"I did my best. Dang it, I did my best."

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