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Which Member Of The 6ixth Floor Are You!?!?!??!??!?!?!?

WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST SHIT SHOW even tho no one really gives a fuk ab us on this floor <3

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  1. 1. Worst Drunk Habit

    eating mozz sticks at 3 am
    Crying and or peeing in places that you should be doing either of those things and snap storying everything that i find remotely interesting
    laughing at everything
    telling ally her dog is ugly
    Wandering off
    spilling my drink
    getting kicked out of a club for being sober
  2. 2. Where are you most likely to be at 1am on a tuesday

    Binge watching sex in the city in bed knitting
    In gelman pretending to work but in reality you're socializing with your srat
    Binge watching nextflix in bed (but ptfo by 10)
    watching scandal in bed and complaining about my annoying ass roommates
    in bed taking videos of you know who/finstaing about the other you know who
    delivering postmates / calming jenna down from freaking out in the thurston laundry room
    netflix in bed
    thurston basement or sitting on ally's bed
  3. 3. Most recent Gworld Charge

    Turkey chilli soup (ew)
    Bagle from Carvings
    Pancakes from carvings
    Paul's but probs just ate pretzels in my room for lunch
    I've been out of money since february but i did spend $0.25 on glassware from a chemlab
    Sblock (because im the only one who actually hits the gym)
    authentic greek food from GRK
  4. 4. Drink of choice

    Gin and tonic and a power smoothie
    VODKAH and coke zero
    Lemonade (cut out alcohol for lent)
    Red wine cause im a classy bitch
    water (lame)... we all know its svedka
    vodka with some vitamin water (or anything overpriced from whole foods)
    red wine (like ma hur)
    idk but whatever i'm drinking my pinky is up
  5. 5. Favorite part about GW

    It's close proximity to UMD
    The active and empowering political community ! We all also know im a sucker for srat lyfe
    late night trips to the monuments and trying to get gassed on inauguration day
    that Kaz sushi is on Gworld
    my friends <333333
    politician spotting and the cultured and fabulous DC community!
    the location and campus
    souring in thurston
  6. 6. Fav frat

    Kap Sig
    Will say it's KA but low key hangs with too many betas
    Don't have one
    ew none
    answered beta? but we all know its Delt <3
    once again, kap sig (Wtf is with this)
    kappa fart (it's gender neutral)
  7. 7. Describe your style

    Anything I can purchase with my dad's credit card but never wearing pants
    BASIC but w good taste with some canadian spunk *naked 50% of the time*
    anything on sale at forever 21 and concert t-shirts/jamaica apparel
    casual and unexciting
    idk average female with a touch of jenna's closet
    either rolled out of bed wearing PJ's or wearing a suit covered in lint
    basic with a touch of preppiness
    VICTORIA'S SECRET/PINK also with a touch of jenna's clothes
  8. 8. In 10 years I will be...

    rewatching sex in the city at my home in the hills in jamaica
    Probably still trying to snag myself an American passport and still thinking i can save the world and make everyone canadian
    Drowning in debt from GW and working at a museum
    married in NJ with three kids and not working even though I went to school for 7 years
    no fucking idea
    Broke and still campaigning for hillary / married to jenna for citizenship
    A thriving jounralist working in DC with a long-term BF with a french bulldog and a cute gtown apartment
    tanning on a greek island running the country into further debt

Which Member Of The 6ixth Floor Are You!?!?!??!??!?!?!?


CONGRATS you are most like this jamaican princess (or is she British... who knows). You likely enjoy kissing your teeth, rolling your eyes and sleeping every second of the fucking day ... yet you still have a GPA above 3.5.

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good for u! u won bad gal jen jen which means you have legitimately no chill and freak about everything but then soon forget about what you were freaking out after some good kush and french fries xo

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your top chef skills make the room always smell like chicken but youre a bad ass bitch who can sleep through anything <3 BLESS UPPP. The gym isn't your ~forte~ nor is dieting but youre still hot AF xoxo

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You got: CEXILY

mazel tov you're low key amazing at life and have your shit together. you also resemble tina fey in more than one way. you will probably be insanely successful in life either by becoming prez or a professional flute magician. you're always down for alero and claim you'll go out after but we know you won't...we know

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You got: ALLY LA SEX

oHH BOYY OHH boYYYYYY !! you hit the jackpot mama. you are artistic and ~confused~ but have a lovely energy to you that makes people want to make out with you. you also have really nice teeth. Your bed is always clean even when it smells like fart poo. you sometimes get sexually frustrated but all is good in the hood because you have an israeli toy always waiting for you at home. your neck is also great and sometimes you cry at tapas restaurants

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DID SOMEONE SAY GRK! hey there. congrats. you won luchichi karatza. you love to sport sweatpants and uggs daily and you get away with a lot of shit low key because you're ESL. you likely have your meals planned for the next 10 years. You're a badass mama who doesn't take no for an answer

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You got: K-HOOOOPS

woooohhoooO!! you're a straight up chiller who is always down for a good time. You're low key fucking brilliant and you're hair is always looking fire !! no pun intended.

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You got: BENJAMMMIN raffle

<3 <3 <3 people have endless love for you because your fantastic and the sweetest person ever even when u hate people you're still nice. You're in a serious long term relationship with a canadian girl who is confused in america but that just speaks to your loving and caring personality. even though you study nutrition and meditating you're always down for some good old chik-fil-a. You're fiscally irresponsible but it's just because you live a bad and bougie lifestyle until it slaps you in the face. but everyone still adores you

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