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17 Things You Only Learn Growing Up In The City

"One more before the last train home?"

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4. The best times can be found in the strangest places.

Diverse Images / UIG / Getty Images

From warehouses to car parks to disused victorian underground public toilets, pretty much ANYTHING can be turned into a bar/restaurant/nightclub/art gallery.

5. And people always come to you for suggestions on what to do.

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Because who knows the city better than someone who has spent a lifetime exploring it?

8. You learn how wonderful it is growing up in a melting pot society.

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Exposure to so many different people with different interests from all walks of life.

9. And how exciting it is to see new things to do popping up every month.

Westend61 / Getty Images

The city never sleeps, and it never stops growing. There’s never a shortage of options.

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