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13 World Cup Moments We'll All Have This Summer

Can't contain your World Cup excitement? Neither can we. Check out our guide to the highs and (hopefully few) lows Rio will bring this summer - and play for yourself with EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, out now!

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1. The moment your clueless mate chips in mid-match with a 'stat'.

2. Staying up until 1AM... to watch a match that ends in a nil-nil draw.

3. The argument with your other half over which channel to watch.

4. The moment you're hugged by a total stranger after a goal.

5. The moment you draw an obscure country in the office pool.

Is that a place?

6. The moment you realise: We could win this thing.

7. When the players just WON'T listen to your psychic commands.

8. The muted moment of celebration when you've been secretly watching a match at work.

9. The moment THEY score.

10. The moment of madness through sheer passion.

Hey, this is why we're here.

11. The match you have to miss because of work.

12. That moment before a penalty where time. Stands. Still.

13. When WE score.

EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ from EA SPORTS™ is out now.

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