10 Comically Gruesome Scenes In TV And Film

Whether intentional or not, over-the-top deaths and bloody gore in TV and movies can be pretty hilarious. Is it because the deaths are so implausible? Or is it kitschy music in the background? If you’re a fan of the comedic gore, check out “Eagleheart.” An all new season on Thursdays at midnight ET.

Post Inspired By "Eagleheart"

Marshal Chris Monsanto returns Thursday, April 12 to Adult Swim for another season of blood, guts, and questionably-necessary justice dispensation.

1. "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky"

Blood, blood, and more blood.

2. "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

The gross melty faces begin at 3:33. Of course, anything Indiana Jones related is comically gruesome.

3. "Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job!"

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Decapitation at the end.

4. "Undefeatable"

So much kung-fu gore.

5. "Troll 2"

Everything in Troll 2 is amazing. EVERYTHING.

6. "Hobo With A Shotgun"

Don’t ever mess with a hobo.

7. "Beware: Children At Play"

This is the controversial and over-the-top ending to the movie.

8. "Hard Ticket to Hawaii"

Death by flame-thrower.

9. "Kill Bill"

She’s a bride on a mission.

10. "Scanners"

This is the famous head explosion scene.

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