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12 Shocking Facts About What's Lurking In Your Mattress

You probably have some unwanted company under the covers. Claim your bed back from dust mites with the powerful suction of a Dyson handheld vacuum.

1. In your comfy, cozy bed, little critters called dust mites love to thrive.

BiotaMax (CC) / Via

They just can't resist the warmth.

2. They have eight legs and belong to the spider family.


Ticks are a close relation as well.

3. No, you cannot see them with the naked eye. / Via

Their bodies are translucent and only measure about 250 to 300 microns in length. That's just slightly larger than the width of a strand of human hair.

4. But if you could see them, you would spot A LOT of them.


Get ready for it: The average bed is home to anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites. That's a RAGER of a slumber party.

5. These little mites like to feast on your dead skin cells.


Nom, nom.

6. And every month, they have a chip bag's worth to gobble up.


Yep, you shed up to 1.5 grams of skin in a day, so 28+ grams in a month. Much of that collects in your mattress for plenty of bonafide dust mite meals. Wonder if dead skin is as crunchy as chips?

7. They also enjoy eating the dander from your dog or cat's fur.


You may want to rethink letting your furry snuggle-buddy sleep in your bed...

8. Their poop is what triggers allergic reactions.


Let's be serious: Pooping an allergen potent enough to cause asthma-like symptoms, eczema, and chronic sinus problems is kiiinnd of a superpower.

9. And they have lots and lots of babies.


A female dust mite may lay up to 100 eggs in her lifetime. And what better spot than your nurturing bed to do it?

10. Which is why your mattress just gets heavier and heavier.

David Young-Wolff / Getty Images

At least you're not getting weaker...?

11. Of course, your nightly sweat and drool collects in there too.


You thought it just evaporated, huh? Sorry, friend.

12. But we'll save the mildew conversation for another time.


Your mattress is a mighty popular gathering spot!

Popularity isn't everything, especially when it comes to your mattress. Let a Dyson handheld help you keep it all to yourself. With powerful suction to remove allergens and dust, you can say buh-bye to those nasty lurkers.

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