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10 Reasons Why Spring in NYC is the Absolute Worst

Wait, wasn't it 60 degrees yesterday? How is it snowing right now?

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Bipolar weather. / Via

Just when you've decided that it's time to retire your winter coat, Mother Nature disagrees.

Forgetting your umbrella. / Via

You're at work, looking forward to meeting your friends for happy hour afterwards. Daydreaming about the cocktail that will soon be in front of you, you gaze outside, and... oh great.. rain. Next time, don't forget to check the weather before you leave your apartment. Have fun running to the train!

Breaking your umbrella. / Via

Congrats, you remembered your umbrella! Just don't forget to put it in the trash can with the rest of the mediocre umbrellas when nature's wind game is too strong.

Dodging umbrellas. / Via

Listen, whether you have an umbrella or not, the sidewalk is going to be a pain to navigate in the rain. Just please, for the love of God, don't carry an umbrella that could shield a family of four.

Dodging puddles. / Via

As if walking paths weren't limited enough with umbrellas, we mustn't forget about the puddles. Avoiding puddles isn't just necessary for your dryness and comfort, it's necessary for your health. Who knows what's lurking in that mysterious and foggy city juice. (There's definitely some pee in there, TBH)

The infamous "car drives through a puddle and soaks your entire existence." / Via

Luckily, New York drivers are pretty good about this, but it happens to the best of us. Don't let them see you cry. Wait until you're at home taking your second shower of the day to do that.

The signature smell of New York, only wetter: Garbage! / Via

Imagine, it's a beautiful and sunny spring day. The rain finally let up for once. You're having brunch and it's warm enough to eat outside. Your shades are on, you're sipping a mimosa and a pile of wet trash is baking in the sun nearby, slowly but surely ruining your appetite. Dessert anyone?

Attempting to go out and still look good, despite the wind and rain. / Via

Don't let a little falling water discourage you! Yeah, the rain sucks and will probably ruin whatever it is you spent precious time and energy doing to make yourself presentable, but you usually look terrible by the end of the night anyway! Get out there and have fun, you won't regret it! (You'll probably regret it.)

Your shoes will be ruined. / Via

If you want to keep those Sketchers as fresh and new as possible, do yourself a favor and wear your boots instead. (Timberlands? Deadass.) This way, your sneakers will be ready to turn heads and drop jaws when summer finally shows its face!

Sunny days never align with your free time. / Via

Watching people enjoy a beautiful day while you're stuck inside at school or work is the worst. Look at the bright side, you won't age prematurely due to sun exposure and you might even make rent!

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