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    15 Benefits Of Laughter For Your Health

    Laughter is the best medicine for people and for that reason, it will never hurt to discover 15 benefits and start to smile more at life.

    15 Benefits Of Laughter For Your Health

    There are many studies that have shown that laughter gives many benefits to health. Scientists show that the cortex of the brain releases electrical impulses a second after starting to laugh, which causes the negative energies to be expelled from our organism.

    The first to talk about these benefits was Sigmund Freud and afterwards several scientists have managed to rectify that besides the brain when laughing causes the segregation of endorphins, substances similar to morphine that what they achieve is to alivar the pain.

    With the many worries that many people have in their day to day laughing, it may be the best remedy to improve their well-being. People start laughing at four months and little by little, in general, they lose the ability to see the comic side of things. That is why it is sometimes worth stopping to think about how much we laugh and try to do something more.

    Among the benefits of laughter we find many more besides pushing away negative energies and relieving pain. Among them we want to highlight aspects that many of us do not know but that are perfect to improve the well-being of people. Here we will highlight 15 benefits of laughter for physical and mental health:

    1. It makes you sleepy. To start with, laughter is perfect to help you sleep. They have shown that laughter helps reduce insomnia and better sleep. So if you are that you spend hours turning in bed do not hesitate, try to laugh that it sure helps.

    2. Decrease the risk of having a heart attack. When we laugh in the diaphragm there are certain spasms that cause the lungs and heart to strengthen, which helps you to have less chance of suffering a heart attack.

    3. Clear the nose, the ears and clean the eyes. The vibrations of laughter mean that if you are congested and have difficulty breathing, the mucous that is found in the nose will be released. It also clears the ears. On the other hand many people have great facility to cry when they laugh. These tears make the eyes clean.

    4. Strengthens the immune system. People who laugh constantly have much less facilities to catch some disease.

    5. Regulates blood pressure. This happens because it causes the arteries to be cleaned.

    6. It facilitates digestion. Because when laughing, the abdominal muscles are exercised, something that is also a benefit for the physicist, but that above all helps to make a good digestion.

    7. Rejuvenates the skin. One of the false myths of laughter is that it creates expression wrinkles but in reality it is the opposite. When you exercise the muscles of the face they have an invigorating effect.

    8. Help to breathe. When we laugh in our lungs comes the double of the air that normally enters, 12 liters instead of 6. That's why laughing is good to exercise the lungs and get them to have a greater capacity.

    9. Releases tensions. Not only mentally but also physically. When performing the laughter exercise, the muscles of the back and cervical muscles stretch. That's where we accumulate greater muscular tensions and laughter helps to stretch them.

    10. With respect to the exercise part when we laugh we move about 400 muscles of our body. Researchers argue that laughing 100 times is equivalent to doing 10 minutes of aerobic exercise.

    11. Regarding the psychological level helps to combat shyness. For those people who find it more difficult to express their ideas and opinions, it is also a great benefit to express themselves.

    12. Power the imagination. Laughter is located in the part of the brain where creativity is found, which is why it helps to enhance it as well as the imagination. For example you can check on and learn some jokes for enjoy yourself or with friends.

    13. As experts in the field have argued, laughing at work also helps you feel fulfilled and important in your position. It will make us feel productive and then we will develop our work better.

    14. It is the best de-stressing that exists. When we are worried, it helps to escape and to forget, at least during the time you are laughing, about the problems that surround you. Many people who suffer some drama are recommended to avoid falling into a depression.

    15. Finally we want to highlight what we have said at the beginning, which helps to eliminate pain due to the release of morphines and that drives away bad energies.Laughing seems to have returned to be fashionable and after reviewing the many benefits it brings to health is perfectly understandable. But for years humans have been aware of these benefits.

    There are so many aspects in which welfare improves with laughter that has even created what is called laughter therapy. In the Ancient Chinese Empire was where they invented this technique but not called as such, so it is nothing new but takes thousands of years. At that time people gathered in temples to laugh to find a balance in health. In ancient tribes we also find the figure of the sorcerer who performed laughter therapies to try to improve the health of the sick. Also we can not forget the figure of buffoons in the Middle Ages. For this reason, the human being has been conscious for many years that laughter is a great positive contribution to well-being.

    The laughter therapy workshops today try to perform exercises and games to get the deepest laughter from people. Also, once one of them starts to laugh, many times they get laughter, something that happens on a daily basis.

    After this review of the greatest benefits of this exercise for the safe well being, many are willing to look at life from a more positive and optimistic point of view and take out that child they have inside and who is willing to let go of their laughter again, because Sometimes with maturity that child hides too much.