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12 "Facts" About Sex You Need To Stop Believing

PSA: Your first time is not meant to hurt.

1. Myth: A woman's "first time" is meant to hurt.

2. Myth: You can tell when you (or someone else) have an STI.

3. Myth: Hymens "break" the first time a woman has sex.

4. Myth: Taking PrEP means you don't have to use a condom.

5. Myth: Most women can orgasm just from vaginal sex.

6. Myth: Using a condom "ruins" sex.

7. Myth: Vaginas get looser the more a woman has sex.

8. Myth: Lesbians can't really have sex.

9. Myth: Virginity only involves a penis and a vagina.

10. Myth: You only need to use condoms for penetration.

11. Myth: Women should pee before sex to avoid UTIs.

12. Myth: Older people never have sex.

The more you know about sex, the more confident you feel. Take control of your sex life, and experience even more pleasure with Durex. After all, confidence is totally sexy.