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16 Valentine's Day Struggles That Literally Everyone Can Relate To

Because it isn't always a bed of roses.

1. Being single.

2. Not being single.

3. Making plans when you haven't defined the relationship yet. Like, at ALL.

4. Having to spend money on cheesy traditions you secretly hate.

5. The pressure to plan a fancy evening, when you just want to be in sweatpants.

6. Setting the mood once you get home.

7. Trying to get things going when one of you is more tired than the other.

8. Or just realizing that neither of you really knows where to start.

9. Feeling guilty about asking for what you actually want in bed...

10. ...and trying to be patient while your partner fumbles around down there.

11. Keeping things sexy while you fumble around in the dark because romantic dim candlelight was SO necessary.

12. Having your partner say they're "almost there," when you're literally just getting started.

13. Or when you're almost there, but your partner suddenly wants to switch positions.

14. Adjusting to unexpected changes in speed.

15. Feeling like the sex has to be the best you've ever had, just because it's Valentine's Day.

16. (Even if you're spending it alone.)

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