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18 Times Cuddling Almost Isn't Worth It

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. No matter how you get down with your cuddle buddy, you can get that skin-on-skin feeling with Durex® RealFeel™ non-latex condoms!

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1. When pets interfere.

GTFO, you furry perv!

2. When your long hair accidentally gets pulled by their arm / shoulder / head.

Miramax / Via

On the other hand, the first time this happens usually opens the convo up to your views on sexy-time hair pulling, so it's not all bad.

3. When your big spoon gets a bone, and you're just trying to get back to sleep.

"No, but I'm ACTUALLY too tired right now."

4. Your entire arm falling asleep.

Linkin Park / Via

Ugh, when it starts to radiate into your hand and it hurts to have a limb and you wonder if they're worth this.

5. When the little spoon wants to be the big spoon.

For the big spoon, it will feel like you're wearing a warm little human backpack.

6. When they surprise-grab your tummy, and you're all:

The Office / The Identity Company / Via

Instantly crunching your abs while sucking in until you grab their hand and put it somewhere more exciting. You're not alone.

7. Trying not to breathe your hot breath on their neck because, yeesh.

Toho / Via

It sounds sexy in theory, but studies show that most people can't focus on relaxing with hot breath rhythmically hitting their neck.

8. When your partner "isn't a big cuddler, no offense."


You don't cuddle? Your soul is a brick, no offense.

9. When they fall asleep first. / Via

Your snoring sounds like a grizzly bear roaring underwater; it's sort of hard to tune out.

10. When it's just too damn hot.

Warner Bros. / Via

You're feeling lovey and cuddly, but good god it's too hot to even have arms touching.

11. When you're not sure if this is gonna turn into a sleepover.

Metro Pictures / Via

But then they decide that for you by falling asleep.

12. When they're not taking the hint to cuddle you.

And you end up turning them off by being all like "F***ING CUDDLE ME."

13. When you hear your phone go off mid-cuddle.


"I really wanna check it. But I really wanna turn this spooning into forking. DAMNIT."

14. When you have to fart (and you're the little spoon).

There's really no good time to fart mid-cuddle, but the little spoon unquestionably feels more pressure to hold that fart in.

15. When you drool on them, and it's weird.

You drifted off intertwined in your lover's arms... Plot twist!

16. When you're in the PERFECT spot, and then they move and ruin it.

And it NEVER goes back exactly to how it was. Like, emotionally too.

17. When one of you is creeped out by bare feet contact.

Universal / Via

And your bare feet rub together, toenails scratch skin, rough heels all abrasive to the touch... It's not for everybody.

18. And when they're done with the cuddle sesh before you are.

There's no way not to get offended and overthink it.

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