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20 Sex Moments You Just Gotta Laugh At

If you can't laugh at yourself, how you gonna laugh at someone else? Get that skin on skin feeling with Durex® RealFeel™ non-latex condoms, and have fun!

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1. When you apply a little too much lubricant:

2. When she makes you clean up the mess immediately:

"Can you let me bask in this for, like, one minute?"

3. When it fits WAY too easily: / Via

It should be a "job", not a "hobby."

4. When one of you crosses the line with dirty talking:

"I didn't mean it! It's part of the thing!"

5. When his aim did not go as planned:

AFV / Via

...or did it?

6. When the loving's so good, you're just muttering nonsensically to yourself:

7. When bae's roommate catches you in the kitchen afterward:

8. When you can't find a condom:


9. When you think you're giving it good, but you're in the wrong spot:

10. When you're both close, but one party needs to put forth just a little more effort: / Via


11. When you think you hear your roommate come home:

12. When you have to pause to get a hair out of your mouth:

You can only try to ignore it for so long.

13. When you try to pull off that move you saw in a skin flick:

"A" for effort, though.

14. When you wonder if you even really need to be there...:

15. When you try to bring accessories into the mix for the first time:

16. When they touch you RIGHT afterward but you're way too sensitive:

"Damn, gimme a minute! REFRACTORY PERIOD!"

17. When you're trying to find the right tub position:

18. When she has a "headache":

"GTFO, D."

19. When bae does something random that turns you on out of nowhere:

"Wait — can you pull up your pants like that again?"

20. When there's just way more than you expected: / Via


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